Serendipity means ‘the unintended discovery of interesting or valuable things’, a description that perfectly fits the photographer’s first experiences of Japan. 

Den Ouden is typically known for her extraordinary black and white photos showcasing troubled countries like Tibet, and conflict zones in the Middle East and beyond. 

In ‘Serendipity’, Den Ouden takes an unexpected turn in her career. Formerly travelling little-known terrain and battlefields, documenting devastating world events with her characteristic dark approach, the photographer now surprises us with a new series that captures Japan. A diversion from what we would expect from her after the colourful work from Libya and Morocco. It‘s back to black, just adding some subdued colour here and there. Exploring Japanese cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, the photographer has captured the silence of the metropolis where it’s least expected, wether a bird’s eye view of the vastly populated city, or a glimpse of the famously crowded Shibuya crossing.

The serendipity in discovering Tokyo seems fitting, given her random, offbeat approach to making the photos.