‘Serendipity’ is the name of an upcoming exhibition that reflects the latest photos of documentary photographer Annette Den Ouden. 
Serendipity means 'the unintended discovery of interesting or valuable things', a description that perfectly fits the photographer's first experiences of Japan.

Den Oudenis typically known for her extraordinary black and white photos showcasing troubledsituationswithin countries like Tibet,
as shown in her exhibition in the Dutch Photomuseum in Rotterdam a.o., and the Middle East and beyond, as shown in the exhibition 'Tashja Rafna' in Gallery Vassie in Amsterdam.

In 'Serendipity',Den Ouden takes an unexpected turninher career.
Formerly travelling little-knownterrain and battlefields, documentingdevastatingworld eventswith her characteristic dark approach, the photographer
now surprises us with a newseries that captures Japan,
even adding some colour here and there, a diversion fromwhat we would expect from her.

Exploring Japanese cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, the photographerhas capturedthe silence of a metropole.
The serendipity of discovering Tokyo seems fitting, given her random,offbeatapproach to making the photos.

We would like to invite you to ‘Serendipity’-the new solo exhibition of Annette Den Ouden on 5th Till the 18th of November at the Prinsengracht PopUp Gallery Prinsengracht 234 in Amsterdam.