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‘a Global Touch’ the book

‘a Global Touch’ is a B&W photobook by the Dutch photographer and globetrotter Annette Den Ouden. With a Stipend of the Foundation of Visual Arts, Design and Architecture in Amsterdam the documentary photographer travelled around the world for 20 months (from 1990 –1992) photographing people in their environments in an attempt to discover and understand the world.
‘His Land and His People’ is the second chapter of the book.
Den Ouden wanted to get closer and more involved. Honored with a second and third grant from the same foundation she travelled several times to Tibet, Ladakh, and the Tibetans in exile in India. With this work the photographer focuses attention on the peaceful Tibetan plight for a Free Tibet. Contrary to the Chinese propaganda Tibet was never in history a part of China. Since 1959 the Chinese Government illegally occupies the country with brutal disrespect for the local religion, culture and human rights. Truckloads of Chinese immigrants are paid to settle in Tibet every day and are exempt of the ‘one child’ policy. Tibetans have now become a minority in their own country. To this day the international community does nothing to make an end to this injustice.

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‘a Global Touch’
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Photographer Annette Den Ouden
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