Libya Vlog

My first attempt to Vlog.
The idea is a daily post of a one-minute video clip on YouTube linked to my site and vice versa during my photo trip in Libya. Unpolished pretty raw iPhone material. I have never edited or filmed before and this Vlog is not about outstanding filming on my part. My main objective is my photography but I want to show you the every day life of the Libyan people including sounds and noises and some of how my rather unplanned trip materializes or falls apart.
I have never been in Libya before so it will all be as new to me as it is to you. Hopefully I will be able to find an Internet café most days. Whenever I cannot, like in the Sahara, I will post the videos on a later day.
Follow my vlog, leave a comment on my website and even send me ideas to film what you would like to see!
Annette Den Ouden

Well, I guess my trip fell apart way too soon, Ghalas! There was sooooo much more to photograph and film. Several series of photos that I started are for now destined to remain single photographs. My Vlog could not be posted because Khadaffi has issues with You Tube and blocked it long before a revolution was even in the picture. So, I am posting about 32 of them from home, one by one.
YouTube – Libya Vlog